Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summertime is Here for the Nanny Boys

Summertime is filled with lots of plans and ideas for a parent...aka micromanaging momma!!

I tend to relate back to my childhood of leaving the house in the am and playing all day with neighboorhood kiddos until dark. Acutally thinking back this may of been a rule....and we only had our imagination and bikes to lead us on the adventure. Now we have "Don't leave the driveway or Ride your bike off the sidewalk". Oh and my favorite is limiting TV and video games. However it is hard to tell Day not to relax out of the heat when he gets more physical activity than 10 kids put together. I love the idea of going to the pool and hitting the zoo as much as possible.

Daylan plays baseball most weekends and practices during the week- so that expands our travel a little bit to Michigan, Ohio, and IL. Sky loves the "hotel life". He runs up and down the hall and loves playing ball with the big boys. The funny part is- he watches so much baseball that he is REALLY GOOD. It is borderline freaky for others to witness. They think he is going to toss the ball softly to them on the ground. OH NO....get ready it is coming in full spead ahead.

I don't think Sky does anything softly thougth. Including his john deer tractor. Move or be Moved should be written on the motorized vechicle. With shorts, rain boots, and helmet he hits the path of cul-da-sac to front yard around to the back and then start all over again. He is a very serious driver to say the least!!

I am excited about all of the new adventures we can endure this summer. I hope to help create summer memmories for both of the Nanny Boys!!

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