Monday, September 28, 2009

Throw the schedule out

This past weekend was set aside for baseball for Daylan in Greenfield. Skylar and I stayed home on Saturday because I thought it might be muddy or rainy. We did make it on Sunday for both games. It always amazes me how well Skylar does at the baseball games. He loves watching "DAyyyyyy" as Skylar says.

I am trying to make sure that both Daylan and Skylar know that they have my love an attention at all times-even when I am not there. It sometimes feels like we have to have 1 parent per boy to get anything done, but we make it work. I had a list of what I was going to get done yesterday!!!! What felt awesome was to throw out all to do's (very unlike me) and go with the flow with my family. I always joke that I need a tattoo on my arm that says "Be there". I want to be in the moment when with my boys and not worried about unimportant activities or to-do's!!

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