Friday, September 25, 2009

Let Jesus Take the Wheel

I am living everyday life with my boys. As a normal morning at the Nanny Household turns into a "get up we are running late, oh crap we forgot to pack your lunch, Skylar let mommy put on your shoes, oh I am almost out of gas -where's the bank card?? kind of blessed morning"!!

As I am driving the boys to school and daycare I realize that maybe I should consider letting Jesus take the wheel as Carrie Underwood so graciously reminded me in song today!! So I turned to Daylan and told him at anytime he is stressed today (I know 10 year olds with stress??) turn his hands to God and give his challenges to him to help guide and lead him. Daylan being Daylan looks at me and raises his eyebrows to only turn his hand in a cupped manner as to only appease me!!

Oh well, at least that was our going to school message today. I am thinking we need not to just talk the talk but walk the walk when it comes to God.

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