Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I hope you know....

So I was in Target shopping, that part is not unusual but the fact it was late and I didn't have one of the boys or my dad with me was. I thought I would get in a quick "oh crap -Christmas is 10 days away and I don't have anything bought" kind of trip to the store. I was a little tired an emotional ( I get honestly from my mom-meaning I cry easy). I went over to the book area /movie area and picked up a random book titled I Could Keep You Small Forever. As I read a few pages I instantly start crying and I am sure other customers were scared . I believe you meet others or read/hear something because you were meant to at that point in your day or life. I must add that this normally happens when we allow God to guide our paths and not make our own road maps.

The story was of a mom holding her little one doing all of the wonderful things we do (no pics of a mom holding a puck pan at 3am and drinking 4 cups of coffee though in this book-lol) such as swinging your little one at the park-watching them learn to walk-playing in the bath tub-and being rocked to sleep. What struck me is that it showed these things and then said but if you didn't grow up and I kept you little the mom couldn't experience the new wonderful experiences such as watching your child ride their bike with a big smile and the wind blowing in their face, as simple as watching your child hit the game winning run, or get excepted to the college they wanted to go to.

I go through this every day with wanting my boys to stay little forever. But I never stop to think that I am having as much fun watching what is next!! I get as excited watching Day make the game winning strike out in a baseball game-as I did when he learned to ride his bike (at 3 but who is counting). I love watching Skylar dance and play baseball indoors as I did watching him smile at me as I just held me. I think the message sent to me last night was that Life Happens!! I don't want to get caught thinking of what was and miss out on what is!!

I picked this pic with Daylan to post because it is one of my favorites. We were in Florida for Christmas the month before Skylar was born. I hope both my boys know that they will always be my babies, I cherish each little moment with them while at the same time I am excited to see what they have up their sleeve next for me!!

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